Must Read Online Short Stories for Kids

Must Read Online Short Stories for Kids

As a parent, you likely take pride in passing on the traditions of your youth. You smile when you see your child playing the same games you used to enjoy, vicariously reliving a fun-filled adolescence. Unfortunately, children do not play outside nearly as much as they used to, and I’ll be willing to bet most of your childhood memories were set outdoors. In fact, children today spend about half as much time outdoors as did their parents; so the hide-and-seek era is virtually obsolete and you can forget about freeze tag! kid reading beloved short storiesDo not be discouraged, however, there is still opportunity for you to bequeath what may have been one of your fondest childhood activities; reading. According to the Daily Mail, children today would rather read than to play outside. We can all attest to the benefits and necessity of literacy, so this is a good thing. Take advantage of the opportunity to share in this activity with your kids, but remember, this is the age of technology and your child’s attention span is, no doubt, reflective of that. The ideal way to circumvent the obstacles of boredom and distraction during this bonding time is to introduce your child to short stories. The characteristic concision of these narratives will help keep your child entertained. There are countless short stories for kids that are available online, but check out this list for a few must-reads to get you and your Little One started:

  1. The Tortoise and the Hareshort story about a tortoise and hare

You may remember this tale of unlikely success from your own childhood. Introducing your child to this oldie but goodie will allow you to share a familiar story with your kid, and witness the ability of a short story to transcend generations in its intrigue. As this is a popular fable, you will likely find many versions of this short story online.

  1. The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs

This is another story you may remember from your youth but not just for its entertainment value. The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs is moral tale that can open up a meaningful conversation between you and your child on patience and greed. Talk to your kids about the moral of the story, they may surprise you by their responses

  1. The Elf’s Ant

Chances are you’ve never read this modern short story, so its plot will be a silly surprise for both you and your child to share. Minor spoiler alert: just imagine an elf’s pet ant transforming into something beyond the elf’s wildest dreams.

  1. The Boy and the Gumballs

If you enjoyed reading and conversing about The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, this is another short story for kids of the same score. After reading this short story, ask your children how they would have solved the boy’s predicament.

After reading these brief literary works with your child, you may find that this is a bonding activity that you would like to continue. If you are looking for more online short stories for kids, visit here.