5 Top Typing Games for Beginners and Kids

5 Top Typing Games for Beginners and Kids

Why use typing games for beginners?

Keyboarding skills are vital as more instruction is presented digitally. Many young students begin learning on iPads and then transition to working on computers. In order to participate in any sort of virtual instruction, students must be able to type correctly.

There are various Typing games for beginners available online that help develop both speed and precision, and make the learning more enjoyable and engaging! Even older students who are experienced typers will benefit from practicing their typing skills, playing against opponents, and quickening their typing speed.

What are the 5 top typing games for Beginners?

Multiplayer Car Race Game

typing games race game

Nothing motivates students quite like a little competition. In this multiplayer game, students can race up to three other students at the same time. There is an option to race against classmates, friends, or other students from around the world. 

Students can also choose to compete on an easy, medium, or hard level based on their current skills. The hard level includes punctuation and capitalization: perfect for students who need to practice including these as they type. 

Typing Warrior Game

typing warriour games

With over a million plays, this game is definitely a hit for all students! Students can compete against one other student: a randomly assigned player, classmate, or friend. This game is perfect for students who are just beginning to use a keyboard.

They’ll be asked to type one lowercase letter at a time, giving them a chance to practice the location of each letter. If you have a student who is transitioning from using a tablet to computer, this game provides some much needed practice.

Multiplayer Basketball Typing Game  

multiplayer basketball games

With the fun combination of penguins and basketball, you can’t go wrong. Students have the option of joining their friends, classmates, or anonymous students to play this game. With levels ranging from easy to hard, there’s a challenge for students no matter their typing skills.

The easy level includes lowercase letters and numbers, while the hardest level combines upper-and lowercase letters, numbers, and a variety of punctuation. Each correctly typed character scores another basket for the student, with the goal of scoring the most to win against the other 1-3 players!

Ninja Fighters Multiplayer Typing Game 

ninja figheer multiplayer typing games

Students will love the chance to challenge their friends in this two player ninja game! It’s easy to find an opponent with the option to play with friends, classmates, or random students. Typing practice includes easy, medium, and hard levels.

On each level, the characters that students are asked to type are randomized, forcing them to pay close attention to their work and minimize errors as much as possible. The game time is short, allowing this to be an easy game to play during class down time or as a reward in between lengths of focused work.

Stacking Box Typing Game

stacking box typing games

This challenging game combines keyboard practice with precision and focus development. The premise is simple: students have to type the correct letter in order to stack boxes on each other. It may even seem too simple, until the game begins. Each letter is on a box being swung back and forth by a crane, and students have to time the typing of each letter when it is above the other boxes in order to stack them.

As the game progresses, students are asked to type familiar two letter words such as he, my, and up. Anytime students miss stacking the box, they lose a life, and after 5 misses, the game restarts. This game is perfect for students who need a chance to channel their energy into a focused task.