Top 10 Word Games for Kids

Top 10 Word Games for Kids

If you want to help children learn more about words, then having them play games is a great way to do it. Children learn best through play, and learning words is no exception. When students are motivated to learn, either because of a puzzle or challenge, they are more likely to retain the knowledge. 

Word games for kids

word games for kids

Turtle Diary has a wealth of word games for kids and word game puzzles that will help your child or student to familiarize themselves with vocabulary, spelling, and sight words. Because these skills are so integral to reading, these are truly the building blocks of education. 

How do word game puzzles help kids?

Children love a good challenge, and word game puzzles challenge students to think and figure in new ways. By puzzling through vocabulary words, spelling, and the proper placement of letters, students are getting more than just rote memorization skills. 

Top 10 Word Games for kids:

Word Ladder Game:

This is an excellent game to get young students started with letters. Children need to analyze the letters as they move from the top of the ladder to the bottom of the ladder in the required number of moves. This will create awareness and recognition for letters.

Scramble Game:

The Scramble Game is a higher level thinking game that asks children to unscramble letters in order to spell a new word. By seeing the scrambled version first, students are called upon to analyze and order the letters into a word that makes sense.

Word Scrabble:

Each tile in the game holds a letter, and students need to rearrange the tiles in order to form words. This is modeled after the popular game of Scrabble, and students will enjoy creating their own words.

Sight Words Game:

This fun game of “concentration” will help your child to recognize sight words, which will lead to greater reading comprehension. When they flip over two boxes, they will see if the sight words match. If they do not, students will try again and try to remember where the words are.

Words Unscramble:

Students need to race the clock to circle letters in order to trade positions and create new words. Unscrambling words is a higher level thinking skill that will help your child build the basic understanding for reading.

Hangman Games:

Students will love to play the old-fashioned game of hangman while practicing how to create words. There are many categories and versions of the game, including musical instruments, months, feelings, jobs, and camping. Students guess a letter at a time until they can figure out the word.

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle:

This challenging game will help students understand words better by having them drop the appropriate words in the correct boxes. There are many themes that children can choose, and this is a good personal challenge for them. Crossword puzzles are one of the many word game puzzles that can help children learn.

Spellathon Game:

Students will be given a set of letters and have to create original words from the letters they are given. In Level 1, students will be asked to make 3 level words. When students move on to level 2, they will advance to making 4-7 letter words. The autonomy in creating the words will help students to think critically.

Relate the Words:

This game asks children to find words that are related to each other. Students will enjoy the war motif as they shoot related words with a gun from their tank. Students will be winning the war if they find the related words, but If they answer incorrectly, however, the tank will backfire.

Describing Words Game:

This interactive vocabulary game will help students to understand adjectives, or words that describe, in a fun and interactive way. By answering the question “Which is which,” students will practice their critical thinking skills as they build their vocabulary.

Turtle Diary wants to help your children learn more about words: what they mean, how to spell them, and how they relate to each other. By playing these challenging, interactive, and fun games, your children will be well on their way to learning new words!