Does Playing Math Games Help Build Math Skills for Your Kids?

Does Playing Math Games Help Build Math Skills for Your Kids?

How Do Kids Build Math Skills by Playing Math Games?

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to solidify math skills in a child’s brain is practice, practice, practice.  Unfortunately, teachers aren’t able to spend one-on-one time with kids, and sometimes kids can practice with incorrect information.  Carefully crafted math games enable kids to practice the correct information and reinforce the skills that they need.

Challenge for Success

Math games challenge kids in a variety of ways to improve their recall and processing speed.  Kids are challenged with time limits or multiplayer action games to recall information quickly and work at a fast pace to win the game.  Even losing a game can encourage the kids to keep trying and achieve more in the game, which, in turn, increases their overall math skills.

Variety of Skills

Math games don’t focus on one single skill like flashcards or worksheets.  Instead, they incorporate a variety of skills and abilities to build a firm kinesthetic foundation.  Watching and reacting to the screen while recalling information and operating the keyboard are multi-tiered skill levels.  In addition, the games often incorporate more than one mathematical skill, such as memory, counting, logic, identification, and manipulating numbers.

How Do Turtle Diary’s Math Games Help Your Kids Build Math Skills?

Fun & Free Learning

Turtle Diary offers a wide range of games on every grade level so that your child will never be bored of the options.  From Golf Fractions to Connect Four Multiplayer, kids can choose what games to play while the parent knows they are practicing essential skills.  Games like Calculate Your Payment help kids gain success in the classroom and the real world, and keep them coming back for more practice because it’s so much fun.  And they are all completely free and accessible from anywhere!

Reduce Anxiety

Even basic facts can create anxiety in the youngest kids, often requiring rote memorization in the classroom setting.  With Turtle Diary, nothing is stressful or boring.  Kids are wowed by the amazing graphics and colorful characters like Addition Car Race, not even realizing they’re practicing. This translates to intense confidence in the classroom and the real world as the math facts can be quickly retrieved from memory thanks to practice.

Supports Learning Styles

Often kids who learn differently need a new way to perceive and work with numbers and operations.  Kinesthetic and visual learners will do well with Turtle Diary’s games like Arithmetic Maze Runner, as the tactile movements and visual graphics create more muscle memory touchpoints for easier retrieval of facts.  In addition, auditory learners can hear the facts read aloud as they work through the games and see the numbers on the screen.  This dynamic learning environment supports students of all levels and learning styles.

Free math games from Turtle Diary strengthen kids’ math aptitude while reinforcing the skills they need to find success in both schools and in the real world.  Quality practice with excitement and fun fuels their desire to learn and keeps them optimistic about math.